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Split ductless AC Split Air Conditioner

Affordable comfort and style

A split ac system, also known as a split ductless, is a less expensive alternative to central air conditioning. Split systems are good for cooling several rooms, but if you're looking to cool the entire house, central air would be a better and more cost efficient choice, provided the home has existing ductwork. If building or planning a new home, consider including a central air conditioning system.

A split system is comprised of two major components: one unit is mounted to an inside wall. This unit delivers conditioned air to the room. A second unit is located outside the house. A simple pair of refrigerant lines connect the units. One delivers electricity, the other removes condensate (water). There is also thermostatic control and a variable quiet blower.

Diagram of a typical split ductless ac system:

If the house has insulated ductwork, air conditioning can be added to the existing furnace. If the house does not have existing ductwork, you will need a high velocity mini-duct system.

A split system has several distinct advantages over a regular window unit. Most importantly, a thermostat ensures consistent, comfortable temperature without constantly turning on and off. A split ac system doesn't need to be removed at the end of the season, and there are less security issues than with a window unit.

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