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Choose the right air filtration system

Air filtration should be an important consideration for any home or office space. There are three primary considerations when choosing a household air filter:

  • Size
  • Material
  • MERV rating

Filter size

Size is the easiest factor to ascertain. The filter's dimensions will be clearly printed on the label and packaging, or just measure it. Most home air filters are 1" thick, but there are a variety of standard width and height dimensions.

Material & MERV rating

Filter efficiencies are given a number from 1-16 called the MERV rating. This number tells the user, under the least efficient conditions, how well the filter is designed to trap contaminants.

As a basic example, here are some typical MERV ratings and how they correspond to efficiencies. This is only a guide, be sure to read the filter manufacturers' information when shopping for specific filters.

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