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Mitsubishi City Multi City Multi VRF

Two-pipe Zoning System Simultaneously Cools and Heats! (R2-Series)

The first simultaneous cooling and heating system available in the United States, Mitsubishi's CITY MULTI® offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Cool in one zone while heating in another; set up to 48 zones to maximise simultaneous operation:

  • interior/exterior
  • eastern exposure/western exposure
  • shift in occupancy

Each zone gets the cooling or heating that's needed at any time.

The Y-Series

Cool or heat with the CITY MULTI Y-Series. The Y-Series uses an inverter-driven compressor, just like the R2-Series to intelligently air condition the building. The Y-Series takes advantage of Mitsubishi's inverter technology to provide the precise amount of cooling or heating to each and every zone. By utilising T-branches and headers, the Y-Series provides the ultimate in piping design flexibility that is truly simple in application.

Advanced technology offers optimal operation

The CITY MULTI VRFZ and Controls Network (CMCN) operates the system efficiently throughout your building. Mitsubishi's advanced inverter technology varies the capacity of the system to meet your indoor space load requirements while saving energy and providing the ultimate in indoor comfort.

The zoning advantage

The best way to ensure total comfort for all occupants of any type of application is to divide a building into zones and provide each with its own comfort system. Zoning offers maximum comfort and energy savings because you cool and heat each zone only when it is being used or occupied.

CITY MULTI® is a zoning system that takes advantage of inverter technology by varying the speed of the compressor to match the load requirements in each space. There is no need to worry about bypass control of air like a typical zoning system. With CITY MULTI each zone has its own indoor unit that precisely controls the temperature while operating at optimum energy saving levels.

Lossnay energy recovery ventilators

Mitsubishi has responded to the growing need for total, integrated management of building HVAC and indoor air quality by making it easier to interlock and control Lossnay® energy recovery ventilators with their air conditioning systems. Improved sound attenuation makes Lossnay units quiet enough for places where silence is a must, such as meeting rooms and libraries. A free-cooling function is standard to help reduce costs and boost efficiency. The integrated, bypass damper design makes installation and system management quick and efficient.

Quality and reliability

CITY MULTI's R2-Series is the first simultaneous cooling and heating system available in the United States. This technology has a long, proven track record of quality and reliability worldwide. Numerous organisations have deployed CITY MULTI's variable refrigerant flow technology in buildings throughout Europe and elsewhere for nearly twenty years with great success and customer satisfaction. Let us show you how you can put the ultimate cooling and heating system to work for you and your customers right here, right now.

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